The purpose of the Elko Engineering Garage is to provide an open, hands-on work space for collaboration and building, with an emphasis on learning through experience in a peer-supported, social, and knowledge sharing environment.


  1. To foster innovation by providing a space to learn and create in the spirit of exploration.
  2. To develop skills in taking an idea from concept to reality and remove barriers to do so.
  3. To help bridge the gap between technical knowledge and practical application of that knowledge.
  4. To provide a safe and accessible work space for Garage Users.
  5. To connect and build a community of shared knowledge and invention.

About Us

The Elko Engineering Garage was made possible through the generous financial support of Ernie & Cathie Elko.

The Elko Garage stems from the vision that Engineering must be something experienced first hand through designing, building, iterating and seeing something created from nothing. Over the years the ability for students to access machining equipment, hand tools and spaces to utilize these things has become more limited. 

The Elko Garage is intended to encourage the growth of practical knowledge and experience among all Users. This space makes relevant learning resources and equipment available to those with an interest in making outside of their curricular activities, as well as to create a community of people interested in collaboration and bringing ideas from concept to reality.