Printer Queues

This is where you’ll be able to access 3DPrinterOS, the print queuing system for the Elko Engineering Garage. Click on University of Alberta in the SSO tab and log in using your CCID on the 3DPrinterOS website.

If you do not have access to the printers, please complete the Training Quiz or register for an in-person training.

Submit your print file, slice using the cloud-based slicer software, and submit the job to an open printer (you can check using the camera feeds). Come into the Garage during Open Hours to pull your file from the queue on an open printer, and set up your print job.

General Use

If you require the use of 3D Printers, the Garage offers a wide variety of types from desktop FDM to Stratasys Polyjet technology. 3D printers are accessible to users during Drop-In hours and to Trained Users during Open Hours.

Printers are for individual and personal projects. No booking system is available, and printers are accessed on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Garage is not a print service. Staff can instruct and train you on set-up and operation of the printers, but it is up to the User to prepare the model files, print instruction files, and print the object. Software and support can be supplied by the Garage Staff. We strongly encourage you to ask staff about 3D Printing Training. They are fun to use and easy to learn!

Print Services

If you are looking for general print services and are not interested in learning how to run one yourself, please contact Cameron Library. You will be able to submit a print and pick it up once it has been printed.

If you are a research lab looking for print services, please contact the MecE Shop. The MecE Shop will have access to the Stratasys Fortus and J750 Polyjet printers in the Garage if specific materials or design requires them.