Access and Training

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Available Equipment

The Engineering Garage is a fabrication facility dedicated to hands-on experiential learning. The Garage provides access to equipment and people for your individual or group project, inventions, or skill-building.

Below is a list of the types of tools and equipment offered by the Garage, not including basic powered and non-powered hand tools.

AR welder to practice different types of weld.

Soldering stations for electronics assembly, with a full electronics test bench for circuit analysis.

Handheld to CNC metal, wood and polymer machining tools available in the heavy work area.

Light and heavy duty sewing machines, as well as a CNC embroidery machine, for working on any textile project.

Variety of open access 3D printers including FDM, SLA and polyjet ranging from consumer to commercial.

A sophisticated laser scanner to digitize your part for 3D printing, reverse engineering, or quality control analysis.