Interested in using tools?

2D Fabrication

Need to cut something from flat material? We have you covered with Laser, Waterjet and Fibre Laser Cutters!

3D Printing

Want to print an object? We have multiple printers from desktop to industrial level. Check them out here!


Want to design something from scratch? Have something to 3D scan? Look at our design tools!


Have a board to make or repair? Cut your own PCB's, solder and test them with these tools!


Is your build a little rough around the edges? Sand and paint your parts to make them look tip-top!

Metal Working

Too much aluminum or steel laying around your house? Turn it into something fun with our CNC machines!

Plastic Fabrication

Ever want to try injection molding or vacuum forming? Now's your chance!


Do you need to embroider something, or stitch up leather? Get your pants into these tools!

Wood Working

Love the smell of sawdust in the morning? Come out and use our saws, and routers!