We expect the following from all of our Makers:

Respect the intent of the Garage.

  • Come in with a willingness to learn and share knowledge.
  • Share what you are working on and discuss with peers.
  • Do not create weapons or offensive material.
  • Do not create items for resale.

Safety is a shared responsibility.

  • Only use equipment that you have been trained on.
  • Ask a Mentor or Staff if you are uncomfortable or need a refresher.
  • Review Safety Data Sheets before using unfamiliar chemicals or materials.
  • Report broken or malfunctioning tools to Staff immediately.
  • Report all incidents and near-misses to Staff immediately.
  • No outside equipment without asking Staff first.
  • Use the space when you are well-rested and unintoxicated.

Meet Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements.

  • Safety glasses.
  • Covered legs.
  • Closed toe, flat soled shoes.
  • No loose clothing or hair (tie in a bun or wear a hat) around rotating and CNC equipment.
  • Job and area specific PPE (earplugs, cut-resistant gloves, etc.).

Respect each other and the space.

  • Dispose of scraps from your project.
  • Return all tools to their places.
  • If you don’t know where it belongs, ask the staff.
  • No food or drink (this is a lab environment).
  • Be aware of the activity going on around you.
  • Share the space and equipment fairly with others.